What is knowledge account?

Knowledge Account is nothing but accumulated information. All the information is already there but we should have that perspective to accumulate. Being aware of something is enlighten the way. Knowledge is power but knowledge itself has no power rather it powered you. When we gain knowledge, we get control. Once we gain control we become powerful.

Life is a journey; to enjoy the journey we need money. We can’t ignore it. Whether it is needed for survival or being wealthy we need proper alertness to earn money. Knowledge Account is gathering the information to make you aware.

Who am I?

I can talk about my degrees or academic qualifications. But I don’t think that will explain me. In the journey of my life, I find life is amazing and as well as surprising. I realized there is a solution for every problem. Life is not that much hard what I thought before.

The realization doesn’t come with easy way. In my early days, I started looking this world with unknown curiosity. I used to ask questions all the time which still I do. But the difference is, now I ask it to myself. That time I always get only one answer, “grow up and you will know the answer” to all my questions. But that couldn’t stop my searching. I don’t know all of those memories but this much still I remembered. Because of my father’s interest, I was engaged in spiritual practice. I was believing in something. Life was pretty amazing but then life started playing games with me. The financial crisis has come. I am not sharing all my struggling and pains. But that teaches me a lot. I don’t know how many times I lose control and bounced back to regain the victory. Now I am in my control. Only one thing saved me. The interest of knowing. The only thing I was known, without knowledge you will be the slave to life and awareness enlighten the victory.

Why am I doing this?

Ask them who love to share. It’s such kind of enjoyment which cannot be explained. I always eager to know something. After knowing, I love to explain. It’s my natural habit. I cannot help it. Helping somebody with my experience that’s all I wanted to do. Maybe this is the reason for what I am doing this. Another thing, if you explain better you learn better. If this brings me money, then I love to take it as rewards.

The goal of this blog.

When you don’t know about something, it fears you. Our mind started to compare with some awkward thing. I experienced it more than enough. Believe me, if anybody faces any trouble and learned it in a hard way, he never aspect others to face it, even if he or she could be an enemy. If anybody finds this effort helpful, then that will be my rewards and it is my goal.


Contact information

NeelRatan Sarkar

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Last Edited on 2017-11-14