SEO Basics

These 14 simple videos or around 50 minutes can boost your career. 98 % or us either learned partially or a little of SEARCH Engine Optimization (SEO). Almost Nobody paid enough attention to it. Today or tomorrow you have to learn SEO for sure if you want to survive on online. Some body learned keyword optimization or backlink building. 98% of us never learned the overall SEO at all or they don’t find at a single placed. There are lot more YouTube channel talk about this and some body created very great video. But few of them let us learn the overall SEO strategies.

Here is list of all videos which let you understand complete SEO within few minutes only. Combined time of all 14 videos will take less than an hour.

No more extra talk to waste your time.

To the point explanation.

Only important things explained.

SEO Overview

SEO Tactics and Methods

SEO for Website Domain

SEO for Relevant Filenames

SEO for Design and Layout

SEO for Optimized Keywords

SEO for Optimized Metatags

SEO for Title Optimization

SEO for Optimized Anchor

SEO content is king

SEO for Verifying A Website

SEO for Link Building

SEO for Mobile

SEO for Miscellaneous Technique